The Conquest By the Fir Bolg


  I have been SLAMMED DOWN TO THE BOTTOMLESS PITS OF HECK by school. I would have posted this yesterday ’cause I like the Thursday thing that I have going, but with three almost-not-F’s, well, you know. I’ve gotta graduate.

 This one I’ve got for you tonight is a pretty short story, but it builds on last week’s Part 1 pretty well.

 A second invasion of Western Europe was by a people called the Fir Bolg. They were descended from the Children of Nemed (refer to last week if you don’t know who Nemed is,) who had returned to settle in Greece, and in time grew into a powerful tribe again. As they grew stronger, the Scythian Greeks became afraid of them and made them slaves to keep them under their control. The Fir Bolg were forced to turn tough, stony places into plains covered in clover bringing soil from far away so plants could grow. It was grueling work which broke their spirits and exhausted them.
 Finally, they held a council. They sewed coracles (weird round boats) out of skins, making them seaworthy with the sacks they used for soil. Then they set out for Ireland, their homeland. When they arrived in Ireland, they divided the country into 5 provinces. The Fir Bolg were the 1st invaders to establish a social order in the land.


 They also introduced kingship, the custom of obeying the rule of a King who they would consider as half-divine, instead of the past warlords, and they prospered in Ireland.

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