Imagine either Scotty from Star Trek or a pleasant British woman reading this to you.

There are a lot of abstract ideas out there.

Freedom, Good, Evil, Love, Feminism, Success, Morality.

There are also concrete ideas.

Spoons, Table, Eye Patch, Nose, Hot, Walk.

For example: I can’t pick up a democracy, or point to a small responsibility crawling past the window; but I can measure the weight of sand and the volume of milk. I can’t collect a pound of moral outrage, or a liter of freedom.

There are general terms….

Furniture is a good word to explain it with.

If I tell you to think of a furniture, well, that’s not really grammatically correct – furniture is a grouping of items.

A chair is more specific, but it is still a group – how do you know what I mean?

But I can go on to say to draw up a LaZ-boy recliner, and you will know what to draw if you have seen one before.

So now I feel like a teacher.


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