The Coming of Darkness

 There is a story told by the Kono people of Sierra Leone (in West Africa) that says when God first made the world it was never really dark or cold. The sun shone during the day and at night the moon gave off a twilight in which everything could be seen quite clearly. But one day God called up the Bat and gave him a basket to bring to the Moon. In the basket was Darkness, but God didn’t say what the Moon was supposed to do with it, though he did promise to go and explain later on. The Bat flew away with the basket and set course for the Moon.
 On the way, he got tired and had to put down the basket for a rest, and went off to get food. While he was gone some animals found the basket and started opening it, hoping there was food in it. Just as soon as they took the cover off the Bat came back, but Darkness had already escaped. Ever since then the Bat sleeps all day, but in the twilight he begins to fly around everywhere, trying to catch the Darkness, get it back in the basket, and take it to the Moon just like God commanded. But the Bat never succeeds in catching Darkness, even though he chases it in every direction, and soon daylight returns and the Bat has to sleep.

That was a much shorter story! I wish there was more detail and intensity with it, but it’s still a cool creation myth, especially since most start out with darkness and light is added into the equation.


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