Fears, fears, and more fears.

We all have them – like just today, I was getting a sandwich at Subway.

I had this real legit coupon, “buy any sandwich + 30 oz drink, get any sandwich free” – SO legit, right?

A little thing called anxiety didn’t think so.

I got so worked up in the car for no real reason at all, what if I order wrong?

What if I forget something?

I did forget something!

The coupon.

I got so freaked out inside my vehicle that I totally left it in there.

Why was I even scared in the first place?

I brought this up to my therapist today – I’ve been pretty confident lately, why a lapse of judgement with something so small?

Psychology is such an odd field, because for the most part it really can’t explain things like this.

It was just simple anxiety.

Simple, so simple.
Like my head just betrayed me.

2 thoughts on “Fears, fears, and more fears.

  1. Mmmm. This post. Mmmmm. Can’t get enough. Preach it. Sing it to the heavens!
    Psychology can never explain why we specifically feel that way because it’s our own thoughts and I just-mmmm. Love it


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