It’s been over two weeks since I have posted.

************************************ me.

So much hate directed from myself, to myself.

But I need to talk about bricks.

Not the kind you drop in a toilet (well, maybe) but rather about the kind you can drop on a person’s head.
Don’t go dropping bricks on people, though – I do not condone this kind of behaviour at all.
I have no inspiration besides going over what makes a brick, much more than what a brick makes.

So here we go, HOW TO MAKE A BRICK 101

 1. Get yourself some straw!

 2. Put your straw, some dirt, and water in a bowl and mix!

 3. Get an empty one-pint milk carton and open it up – pour your mix into it!

 4. Make a hole in the mud (that you have just poured into the carton) with a pencil/straw/other utensil of a similar size, and use this item to create a small circle.

 5. Leave the carton of mud in a sunny spot to dry for a few days

 6. When your brick is dry, cut off the carton and take out the pencil (yes, you did have to leave it in there).

 7. After your brick is out of the carton, set it in the sunlight again – after an hour or two, take it out of the light.

 8. Put a thermometer in that hole you made earlier (in the brick) to measure the temperature

 9. Measure the temp. of the air on the outside of the brick, too.

 10. Try and get those two temperatures to the same amount, and voila! A brick!

If you actually try this, I wanna see a picture of your brick. We can be brick-buddies. My brick’s name is now Albert.

5 thoughts on “Brix

  1. Hey, I didn’t want to write about bricks either. Either way, this post speaks to me…somehow. Keep going, I missed hearing your writing. 🙂


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