Lots of people will be taking this opportunity to talk about past relationships, family, maybe even sports.


Well, I see love (first of all) as a word in the English language.

The colloquial use of “love” is insane these days.

Some people will agree that love makes you higher than any drug, any airplane.

Others will agree that love can bring us lower than the deepest depths – to the Earth’s core, way out into outer space.

There are so many poetic things to say about love, but the thing I really need to say is….

Why do we casually say we love something, someone, and then when it turns and bites us, we end up hating it?

“I looooove this smoothie!”

“I love you!”

“They gave me way too much pineapple, I’m never having this kind again!”

“I can’t stand this guy’s stutter any longer… should I break up with him?”

Little things piss us off.


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