I am Totally a Kid

Adults spend a lot of time worrying about how others perceive their behavior, but this leaves you feeling stressed.

To feel more youthful, don’t worry about appearing stupid.

Worrying about how other people view you prevents you from feeling like a kid – but so does judging other people.

Kids are often more accepting than adults.

Feeling like a kid again involves embracing spontaneity.
It is difficult to feel youthful when you have to worry about upcoming appointments.

A lot of adults feel the need to spend all of their free time engaged in specific activities, but this is not how most kids live.

It might take some effort but allowing yourself to feel fine about having nothing to do will help you relax.

Few things are more stressful than being responsible for everyone else.

To feel more like a kid, occasionally let someone else take charge.

As teenagers we often feel like we have to follow rules all the time, but kids are more adventurous.
While you shouldn’t violate laws, try breaking a few unwritten rules.
I originally wanted to post on Thursday, but I didn't. Sorry. 
(9/25/16) I also tried getting this up on Friday. It didn't load up. I'll be posting
twice today - whoopee.



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