I Am Not a Robot


As a kid there was a shape I didn’t like.

The square.

Squares have always been so rigid.

They are fixed.

But I far prefer to use my coloured pencils to colour inside of them.

There aren’t real rules about it.
Anything goes.

As a teenager my dislike of squares shrinks in the back of my mind.

The lines of these boxes aren’t anything you can physically draw, but they are there.

Teenagers draw boxes around each other.

These boxes still represent all that is rigid.

And our lives are defined by the squares that we draw.

Early on, I had to draw some lines between girl and boy, pink and blue.
Those were the categories, no but’s or what if’s.

As we go through school we draw boxes around the people who have it and the people who do not.

We are even so ruthless as to draw lines between those who are smart and those who are “not”.

As young adults we make thicker boxes that are even more rigid.

Social status becomes even more of a concern.

In order to redraw the boxes drawn by our parents, we draw lines between people that would prefer a certain outcome, versus those who wouldn’t.

We went and made the white collars white.
Every day we are drawing squares for ourselves.

The world has gotten bigger.

We have now drawn thick lines between rich and poor, even though the rich are the poor and the poor are the rich.

There appears to be a reason, though.

As human beings, we need to know where we stand so we can pull ourselves out of the ashes.

We label.

We justify.
We put people in categories.

We draw too many squares.

In the end, it is our boxes that show who we are.

While boxes and lines are useful for organizational purposes…

But we get boxed in.

Lines and boxes limit our experience.

Once we make them, we don’t want to leave.
It confuses us.

We need to ask ourselves more, which side am I on?

That’s why I don’t like boxes.

When you draw a box, you choose one side or the other.

Nothing in this world is purely black and white.


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