Hello There People of Earth

Over here, old friend! In case you haven’t noticed, you’ve fallen right into my trap!

This is my very first post. I did have to click the “edit” link to modify it (but not delete it). I would like to use this post to tell you about me.

I am BattleMask on this website, and I will leave obscure clues about how to find out who I am for those of you who are really adventurous.

I will leave really random clues about who I am, so keep on the lookout peepity-peeps.

I like sports.

You may call me BattleMask, The Irascible Coxswain Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire, (I like Gravity Falls, so…) Grampton St. Rumpterfrabble, Toot Toot McBumbershnazzle, Gompers the Goat, Grunkle Stan, Evil Overlord, Promethean Thaumaturge, the Privateer, Defender of Metrocity, Incredibly Handsome Criminal Genius and Master of All Villainy, or even by my favourite swear word, Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez.
You can’t trap justice! It’s an idea, a belief!
Thank you.

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